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Decoding A Complex Offshore Water-Flood

bMark™ global data and benchmarks were deployed to hunt for hidden value in a mature offshore oil field with a complex reservoir & production history


  • Complex 1000MMbbl offshore oil field with 20 years history
  • 12 fault blocks & 5 reservoir horizons generated 60 separate reservoir pools which had been developed across multiple platforms
  • Huge variance in development efficiency across different reservoir pools with multiple drive mechanisms deployed

Project Highlights:

  • bMark™ used to rapidly organize disparate field data spreadsheets into a single reference project file
  • Recovery Factor benchmarking conducted at field, fault block & reservoir pool level
  • Aggregate analysis conducted, quantifying impact of varying drive mechanisms across different pools (see image)


  • Operator model of production allocation challenged in key reservoirs, leading to re-think of fault connectivity assumptions
  • Under-developed reservoir pools highlighted
  • Potential upside resource quantified at >80MMbbl
  • Project completed in < 2 weeks

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